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Website Management

The CoopMembers.com solution offers you the ability to fully customize the content for your entire website. Built in features include:

  • Drag And Drop Content Editing - Want to add text or images to your site? No coding necessary, just drag and drop a new content block where you want and start typing in the Rich Text Editor
  • Advanced HR Tool - post available jobs on the website and allow people to submit their resumes as an attachment directly to your inbox via a form
  • Automated Image Galleries - select the images you want to use, choose the size of the thumbnail and the system builds the gallery for you
  • Image Lightboxing and Slideshows - allow visitors to view your gallery images in a stylish lightbox enlargement. Select multiple images to create an automated slideshow display.
  • Full Page Management - Add or remove pages or sections from your primary navigation with drag and drop precision.  The system will automatically update your menu and dropdowns with no coding needed!
  • Traffic Analytics - Behind the scenes traffic analysis of your website so you can see how many visitors are accessing your site and what pages they're looking at

We can provide you with the standard sitemap structure, or something entirely unique to your Co-Op. Every site starts with the standard pages of:

  • Home
  • About
    • Career Opportunities
  • Contact
  • Member Services
  • Locations
  • Food
    • Grocery
    • Bakery
    • Deli
    • Produce
    • Meat
  • Gas Bar
  • Bulk Petro
  • Home Centre
  • Kids' Club